About Us

♣  Troop 991 is celebrating more than 50 years as Ravensworth’s Boy Scout Troop!
♣  We offer a year-round program (can fit around sports) that includes a mix of outdoor activities, fun, and adventure!
♣  We are Boy Led. Boys are elected to leadership roles and run the troop. They also make decisions on camp outs and other activities. Adults leaders are guides and mentors.
 ♣  We offer a wide array of activities: camping, sports, merit badges, community service, and fellowship.
 ♣   Scouting also offers many activities outside the  troop like: National and World Jamborees, Order of the  Arrow, High Adventure Bases, and National Eagle Scout Association are just a few!
 ♣  Small Troop. Self-paced. Monthly camp outs, day trips, Whitewater rafting, ski/snowboarding.
 ♣  Chartered by Ravensworth ES PTA, Established 1964. Dues are 80 dollars a year.
 ♣  Troop participates in Ravensworth farmer deliver, community clean up, and the community yard-sale.
♣Here some of the Merit Badges you must get to reach the Eagle Scout Rank:
a. First Aid
b. Citizenship in the Community
c. Citizenship in the nation
d. Citizenship in the world
e. Communication
f. Cooking
g. Personal Fitness
h. Emergency Preparedness OR Lifesaving
i. Environmental science OR Sustainability
j. Personal Management
k. Swimming OR Hiking OR Cycling
l. Camping
m. Family Life